What Do You Want Your Start-Up to Be When It Grows Up? – September 2015

There is a global surge of interest in entrepreneurship— from the United States and Europe to Africa, India, and China. A perfect storm of rapidly changing data, computing, Internet, manufacturing, and energy technologies is occurring, which is creating an opportunity for a massive disruption of almost every major industry sector. Billions of people are entering
the 21st century with a full spectrum of emergent and expanding needs— from health, education, housing, connectivity, water, food, waste management, energy, transportation, entertainment,
and the personal freedom to make choices.
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Validating a Business Model for a Minimum Viable Product – December 2014

As an entrepreneur, you have gone through the challenges of outlining a business opportunity
and have understood your target customer’s unarticulated needs. In addition, you have done the market research and analysis to define a preliminary market requirements document leading to a
preliminary product requirement document. These are relatively simple processes that lead to a minimum viable product (MVP) definition. The intent is to move rapidly and frugally to a point
where you can test your product and its fit against the latent market needs as well as understand whether your original business concept can make money at the scale envisioned or whether it requires changes in direction, strategy, or technology.
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Getting the Product Right – September 2014

Getting the product just right is perhaps the most difficult challenge an entrepreneur
will face in the early days. You have defined a market space, you think you see a need that is not being fulfilled, or you are an expert in a new emerging technology that can disrupt the market—these are all very reasonable starting points in your thought process, but they may not be the best place to start defining the product. The temptation to build on the existing familiar platforms will be very strong. As engineers, we often equate the market and product with the core technology.
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The Start-Up’s Dilemma – June 2014

So you are ready to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur. Most successful entrepreneurs
know they do not have all the answers, maybe they have none of the answers, as they set forth on their journey. However, there is almost always a latent need in the market that is visible to them, possibly only to them. Nobody is clamoring to have this need filled, and there is certainly
no budget for purchasing a solution to fill this need. Legacy competitors are behemoths with legendary technology gurus in their ranks, with spectacular products that defined “cool” just a
few years back.
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Are You Ready to Take a Dive? – March 2014

For most people, their final objective as they train to become engineers is to be gainfully employed, and there is no dearth of opportunity for power electronics engineers. Existing markets, ranging from wind, photovoltaic, industrial, power quality, robotics, aerospace, automotive, power supplies, and transmission/distribution control, continue to offer robust job opportunities as the new ones emerge. Hence, it is not surprising to see global giants vying for young talents with start-ups and quickly growing companies.
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CDE Industry Partners Program – May 19th, 2017

The Center for Distributed Energy (CDE) has been established at Georgia Tech with financial support from the Georgia Research Alliance and Georgia Tech to do advanced research and to develop technologies and holistic solutions that can transform electricity delivery and utilization. Research areas include power conversion, industrial applications, energy conservation, distributed energy resources, distributed control of the grid, security and communications in energy, as well as microgrids, dc nanogrids and energy access for emerging markets. CDE partners include utilities, industry, manufacturers, research organizations, start-ups, VCs and other academic institutions with interests in aligned areas. In addition to doing traditional forward-looking cutting-edge academic research, CDE is uniquely focused on accelerating and de-risking technologies so that they can see faster adoption and higher impact.

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Energy Thought Leaders Symposium – May 18th, 2017

The Energy Thought Leaders Symposium is being hosted by the Center for Distributed Energy at the Georgia Institute of Technology as an annual event that brings together global thought-leaders and provides an interactive forum to look at the issues, challenges, disruptions and opportunities that the energy sector needs to manage over the next decade, with a particular focus on electrical energy generation, delivery and utilization.
A video of the event can be found here

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