BH132: Utilility Lab: A laboratory with several 480 V and 207 V disconnects, where multiple high power experiments can simulatenously take place.
BH133: Medium Voltage Test Cell: A 14 kV, 100 kVA test cell with two transformers that enable a number of different test setups: power flow control, volt-var control, medium voltage tests, etc.
BH234: Solar Home Electrification & Development (SHED) Lab: A laboratory focused on energy access research: it is equipped with six rooftop solar panels (ranging from 8 W to 265 W), a wide
assortment of batteries (ranging from 400 mAh to 100 Ah), and a variety of DC loads. This enables the investigation of individual and grid forming small solar home systems.
BH235: Rapid Prototyping Workshop: A workshop equipped with fabrication tools such as 3D printers, CNC mill, CNC lathe, TIG welding, laser cutting, sheet metal forming, and other useful equipment. This space facilitates the production of high rating power electronic devices within a matter of weeks.
BH240: Project-based Electrical Maker Space: Eight fully equipped workbenches accomodate a individual or groups of students to work on a variety of projects.