Tech Transfer

Started in 1995, Soft Switching Technologies developed a power line disturbance monitoring & mitigation product (DySC) that helped factories avoid costly unscheduled downtime.
The company also developed “i-Grid” ( the first internet based Electric Grid Monitoring System, together with iSense, the monitor that records and automatically uploads power quality data to the i-Grid.

Innovolt was started in 2006 in the Georgia Institute of Technology Venture Lab and Advanced Technology Development Center.
Innovolt provides power protection technologies and analytics capabilities that help customers increase the uptime and lower the service costs of their electronic equipment.

Smart Wires Technology was developed by utilities at the National Electric Energy Testing Research and Applications Center (NEETRAC) in 2009
Smart Wires was seeded by key IP developed by Prof Divan, along with Georgia Tech students.

Varentec develops advanced power electronic-based systems for electric grid and industrial applications, achieving smarter power delivery for its customers. Funded by Bill Gates, 3M, and Khosla Ventures, Varentec.