APEC 2022 Best Presentation Award

Zheng An received Technical Session Best Presentation Awards at IEEE APEC 2022 in Houston, TX, March 20-24, 2022. The paper titled “Farm-Level Interactions Study of a Novel Tri-Port Soft-Switching Medium-Voltage String Inverter (MVSI) Based Large-Scale PV-Plus-Storage Farms” presents improved energy dispatchability and grid-support services of the grid-connected MVSI to proliferate dispatchable and low-cost solar energy.

Solar Power to the People

Tired and hungry, 23 Georgia Tech students and their advisor landed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on the afternoon of Sunday, May 8, 2016.

It was getting on toward dark — too late for them to travel three hours to their final destination — so they made their way, as planned, to a local hotel. One among them, Patrick Pierre, had grown up in this small Caribbean nation, so he knew what to do when he saw mango trees laden with ripe fruit just outside their hotel.

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