CDE is fundamentally structured to be a globally leading omnidirectional collaborative platform to provide pragmatic system level solutions to all aspects of any energy delivery ecosystem. This is in addition to solving specific technology problems, meet our educational goals, address industry needs, and provide effective commercialization pathways. Fundamentally, this open and inclusive organizational structure logically stems from our vision to be able to provide NEXT generation solutions for the massive challenges in energy industry.

The collaborative framework is evident from the constitution of our own core internal interdisciplinary team at Georgia Tech, and multiple external initiatives to closely tie and work with industry, other research groups, policy makers, utilities, OEMs, entrepreneurs, capital resources (including philanthropic and venture), public-private entities, and others.

Our core team at Georgia Tech is very interdisciplinary, and shares its deep domain knowledge of power electronics, power systems, economics, centralized and distributed T&D, communications, software, sensors, hardware design & engineering, cybersecurity, sensors, system integration, analytics, regulatory overlay, entrepreneurial experience, and effective pathways to translate the fundamental research and developmental work into pragmatic commercial solutions for larger societal good.

The CDE-IPP (Industry Partnership Program) ensures our ability to ‘check the pulse’ of what is needed by today’s energy industry at all times. Through regularly organized numerous formal and informal communication channels, we proactively sense and identify current needs of utilities,

OEMs, policy makers, consumers, and prosumers. It allows to benchmark existing solutions and helps develop and realign technology thrusts from time to time.

In this regard, CDE participation with NEETRAC, and hosting our own dedicated workshops as well as ‘thought leadership symposiums’, and participating in similar global events are relevant.

Some of the active industry organizations, innovation centers and other organizations in this overall collaborative framework are listed below:

Further, a number of other leading Fortune 500 companies and several other centers are in the process of onboarding as we speak.

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