2017 IEEE Future of Electronic Power Processing and Conversion (FEPPCON)

2017 IEEE Future of Electronic Power Processing and Conversion (FEPPCON)
June 12-16, 2017
South Africa

Since 1991, and recently every second year the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) has organized a technical long-range planning meeting titled “Future of Electronic Power Processing and Conversion” (FEPPCON). The FEPPCON IX was held through 12–16 June 2017 close to the beautiful Kruger National Park in South Africa. The overall goal of the meeting was to discuss challenges, opportunities, and research directions beyond 2025 for power electronics and systems technology.

The meeting was held in the same location as the original FEPPCON in 1991, where Prof. Daan van Wyk, honorary chair of FEPPCON IX, gathered specialists in the field from across the globe to discuss in a secluded environment what was needed to make power electronics technology more useful for modern society. In the intervening 25 years, power electronics technology has advanced significantly. Today, power electronics dominates in renewable power generation, industrialization, and appliances. It is also thriving in electrical transportation, including the surrounding infrastructure.

The theme of FEPPCON IX was “Technological Opportunities and Obstacles for Applications of Power Electronics in Generation, Storage, Transmission, Distribution, and Efficient Consumption of Electric Energy”. FEPPCON series of workshops have a long-term tradition of discussing the future of power conversion technologies and applications. Recently it has been used as a strategic planning workshop for the Power Electronics Society every 2nd year.
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